Parent Success Stories

Age: 7

"Before vision therapy my son was having problems with reading comprehension, headaches, blurry/double vision, trouble catching and throwing a balls accurately. He was also having trouble sleeping and would also get motion sickness. After completing vision therapy he has begun to excel in sports, reading and doing school work is much easier. All of the things that he was having problems with have been corrected."

age: 10

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with reading and comprehension. She also mixed up the "b's and d's" a lot. She had no interest in reading for fun and it was a struggle to get her to do the minimum amount of reading for school. Vision Therapy is a lot of work, but so worth it. We can now find her reading on her own and her level of comprehension has increased, which helps her in all areas of schooling."

age: 9

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with being able to remember what she was reading. She also got very angry anytime she was corrected about school work or homework. She would act out, scream, yell at you and say things that were hurtful herself. Since we started therapy her attitude has improved 100% and she now wants to read books! We are very thankful for therapy and all of the hard work has paid off. Thank you to the staff of The Center for Vision Development and may God bless you."

Age: 11

"Before vision therapy my son was having problems with reading. He was behind 2 grade levels. He has improved so much during these past 7 months. His words per minute reading has improved to 30 or more words. He has said that he can tell a difference. He has gained confidence in himself with reading. He loves doing his school work now."

Age: 10

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with reading, writing and making it through a school day without complete exhaustion. Her frustration level with school was beginning to affect her in all aspects of her life. Vision therapy was often challenging , but the benefit that we began to see a few months in have been so worth the struggle. Her confidence level has grown so much in the past few months, even she has commented on how much better she feels! Things that I didn't realize were connected to her vision began to improve such as her vocabulary and ability to express her thoughts are now much more age appropriate (both verbally and written) which has decreased her anxiety and frustration levels tremendously. Her math facts and understanding of math concepts have also improved. We are so thankful for everything that Dr. Taddese and her staff has done for Sophia. We will miss our weekly visits to the office."

age: 8

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with reading. She would see some letters and not others. They seemed to be jumping on the page or they would disappear. She was very frustrated. Through vision therapy she has gained the ability of her eyes working together on focusing on the words and is able to see them as they really are on the page. She will continue to work on these skills as we move forward as she gains confidence. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be here and have such a change in her attitude and ability to read."

age: 11

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with reading. She would flip letters and words around. She would loose her spot and jump to another line on a page and would get completely confused with what she read. These issues greatly effected her fluency and comprehension. Her original diagnosis was a reading and learning disability when in fact I believe as her mother it was a vision problem. Now her fluency is much smoother than before and she isn't loosing her spot when reading in paragraph form. Her confidence in herself has also improved. I highly recommend vision therapy and have also started my son."

age: 10

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with handwriting, reading, depth perception and coordination. Now ending our time at CVD, her handwriting has greatly improved! She is reading successfully and depth perception/coordination has a huge improvement. Her confidence in her school work and her self confidence has grown exponentially with the help of the staff here at The Center for Vision Development!"

age: 9

"Before vision therapy my son was having problems with not using/seeing with his left eye. He was diagnosed with strabismus and amblyopia. We have tried years of failed patching. At the beginning of therapy 1 year ago his vision was 20/200 and now his vision in his left eye with his glasses on is 20/20. Being able to see with both eyes has improved his life now and in the future in too many ways to name."

age: 8

"Before vision therapy my son was having problems with reading without skipping, adding, or saying the wrong words. He was also very uncoordinated and nervous playing sports. Vision therapy has allowed him to become an excellent reader to the point that he's testing a whole grade higher on standardized tests at school. He is also enjoying sports with a new confidence because he can track the ball through the air and his coordination has greatly improved."

Age: 13

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with depth perception and headaches while reading. When we first came to CVD, Castle was had very low self esteem and was afraid to read out loud. Now she loves to read to her friends and family as well as independently read. Overall we have been very happy with the progress and highly recommend CVD."

age: 6

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with letter recognition, number recognition, sounds, left/right and tracking. She wasn't even attempting to sound out the words and would shut down when we tried to read even simple 3 letter words. She would have major melt downs and didn't show any interest in reading or learning. Vision therapy trained her eyes to track, and she began to see her office therapy time as "fun vision games." She is now reading! She plays "school" at home and is enjoying school and performing/scoring so much better at school. She has spelling and writing skills which did not exist before we began therapy."

age: 11

"Before vision therapy my son was having problems with comprehension, reading out loud, writing and staying engaged in the classroom. He is an outgoing, very athletic young man with lots of friends but was challenged with long hours of homework. "I can't" was the first words out of his mouth when doing homework. After 3 months in therapy, his willingness began to improve and grades increased 10 points. Since he went from a D student to an A/B student, completing his homework and studying on his own. His confidence in himself has been the best outcome ever."

Age: 8

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with paying attention and staying focused. She struggled with very sloppy handwriting that would be closely spaced together and large. She had a hard time fitting her sentences on the lines. Her reading has always been good except for occasionally skipping lines and small words. She struggled greatly with visual memorization. Last year while studying spelling words, we would practice one day and then the next day it was as though she never practiced those words.  This year she has made 100's on every spelling test. Her handwriting has improved. Also, a main struggle she had was reading/writing numbers and letters backwards. This has greatly improved. There were a few days she would cry due to frustration stemming from her lack of visual spatial skills. I'm happy to say there's no more crying! The staff here are wonderful! Sophia loved them all! I greatly appreciate you all! Thank you!"

age: 9

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with all areas of reading. She struggled with tracking and focus. School was a daily battle for her, not because she wasn't trying but because no matter how she tried the reading aspect was holding her back. Vision therapy has made a huge impact on her both at home and in school. While we have seen her reading level increase, we have also seen her self confidence improve as well."

age: 5

"Before vision therapy my son was having problems with listening and following directions. He also had trouble finding certain items even though they were easily visible. He would bump into walls, he would also struggled at preschool to do table work. and pay attention. Almost a year later he is succeeding in kindergarten. His attentiveness has improved as well as his balance. It is no longer hard for him to pick items out of a crowd of other items."

age: 9

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with focusing and double vision. After working with the vision therapy staff, she has become more confident in reading, her double vision has decreased and her focusing issues have improved. Her length of being able to read has improved. We are Thankful for The center for Vision Development."

age: 12

"Before vision therapy my son was having problems with sitting still and working so hard but not moving on well in writing, reading and paying attention. He would get tired really easy when he would pick up a book, he would find one with as few words as possible. He is now able to see results of his hard work. He can read anything he finds and we are able to read his handwriting. And he is not tired at the end of the day."

age: 11

"Before vision therapy my son was having problems with his right eye pulling out and up. He was skipping lines and words while reading, he mixed up letters, had visual-motor coordination issues that made his balance off and his hand eye coordination was poor. He also lacked depth perception and because of his eye straying, his brain had turned off using the right eye much of the time. He participated in Vision Therapy for a year and a half. We've seen his reading get much better, his brain is using his right eye and it is in alignment. He also has depth perception back and enjoys coloring, writing and sports more because of increased visual-motor coordination. He is less frustrated with school work too."

age: 13

"Before vision therapy my daughter was having problems with delayed reading, complaining of major headaches after a day of school, wanted little to do with school work, frustrated with homework and just wanted to rush quickly to get finished. Since vision therapy, which recognized and corrected her vision, the headaches stopped and she started enjoying reading and school work became easier. She never realized that her vision was not like others and is happy that it has been corrected."