It’s a pirates life for me- patching usage in vision therapy 

It's a pirates life for me- patching usage in vision therapy We all know that a pirate’s life is full of adventure, but did you know that it can also be used to enhance vision therapy? Patching has been used for centuries as an effective form of vision therapy. It works by covering one eye or occluding the sight in one eye, forcing the brain to rely on the other eye for seeing activities. This helps improve visual skills and eye coordination during activities like reading and writing.

Patching has long been used as a treatment for amblyopia, or lazy eye”. Amblyopia occurs when one of the eyes is not correctable to 20/20 even with glasses due to a high prescription or an eye turn. Patching is the most common treatment for this condition because it forces the weaker eye to be used more often, thus strengthening its vision over time. This is a passive form of treatment.

At the Center for Vision Development, we use patching with active vision therapy. Our developmental optometrists utilize a variety of vision therapy techniques to further improve a patients vision. Patching is one tool that can be used in combination with others such as prisms, lenses and visual activities to help patients achieve their best possible sight. Kids love this treatment because they get to don pirate-style patches and feel like theyre on a real-life adventure.

Patching works best when used in combination with other vision therapy activities, making the experience more fun for kids. It helps to strengthen the weaker eye and can lead to improved depth perception, better visual attention and improved motor coordination skills. As an added bonus, patching sets the stage for binocular vision by ensuring both eyes are functioning individually, which is necessary for the development of skills such as reading, writing and overall visual processing.

Vision therapy programs are designed to be individualized to each patients needs and preferences. The Center for Vision Development utilizes patching in conjunction with vision therapy as part of its comprehensive approach to improving a patients vision. So don your pirate hat and join us on an adventure as we help you patch up your vision!

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