What do we do?

The Center for Vision Development works with children and adults who have vision problems that interfere with their ability to read, learn, comprehend, and even pay attention. The Center for Vision Development is a neuro-optometric facility located in Franklin, TN that exclusively provides vision therapy to correct vision problems that cannot be successfully corrected with glasses, contact lenses and/or surgery alone. 

We are dedicated to treating children and adults suffering from:  undiagnosed vision problems; lazy, crossed or wandering eyes; and compromised visual systems as a result of a developmental delay, developmental disability, traumatic brain injury, stroke or neurological disorder.

Our commitment is to serve all children and adults whose visual systems cause:  difficulty with reading, learning, remaining on-task or being productive; double vision, headaches or eyestrain; poor coordination, depth perception or sports performance; dizziness or light sensitivity; and poor balance or mobility.

Vision Therapy 

Vision requires much more than 20/20. There are 17 visual skills necessary for reading and learning! When there is a problem with any of those visual skills, performance in school and life can be negatively impacted. Vision Therapy allows an individual to learn how to use those visual skills.  Learn More


We provide complete diagnostic and therapeutic care for children and adults with these type of vision problems:


  •    Eye tracking

  •    Eye teaming (including strabismus)

  •    Eye focusing (including amblyopia)

  •    Learning-related vision problems

  •    Visual information processing

  •    Computer-related vision problems

  •    Sports vision enhancement

  •    Brain injury related vision problems

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