It is no secret that building confidence and raising self-esteem in children and adolescents is often key to their success.

When a student finds themselves falling behind their peers despite feeling as though they are doing the absolute best that they can, frustration sets in. A frustrated student leads to an overall frustrated child both in and out of the classroom as their lack of confidence spills over into other areas of their lives.

So, how can vision therapy boost confidence and self-esteem? When most people think of the word vision they immediately think of clarity or acuity. In fact, some parents are often under the impression that their child’s vision is fine as they have passed vision screenings at school or even with an optometrist. Vision therapy goes beyond acuity by addressing deficits in functional vision and assessing the essential visual skills needed for learning.

Individualized treatment plans allow each patient to train the eyes, brain, and body to work together. As a result, patients see improvements in reading, enhancements in comprehension, increased attention span, and overall better performance in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, patients and parents may even report better performance on the sports field with improvements in eye-hand coordination, tracking, and reaction time.

Graduates of vision therapy complete their program better equipped to reach their full potential in the classroom and on the sports field. No longer feeling as though they are constantly falling behind their peers leads to a boost of self-confidence. This newfound confidence not only means a happier student but an overall happier child. If your child is having difficulties in any one of these areas, functional vision deficits might be to blame and vision therapy could be exactly what they need to get them back on the path to success.

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