We offer individualized, one on one vision therapy. Some clients are new to vision therapy programs, which is why we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

We have been in business since 2009, operating as a stand alone clinic. That means that we focus only on vision therapy! What separates us from other offices is the individualized care you receive with a vision therapist. We invite you to come see what makes us different than the rest!

So what is vision therapy? Vision therapy is a progressive treatment program that addresses problems involving an individual’s vision and eye problems.

We offer our clients successful exercises/procedures that remedy their current visual problems. When we refer to “exercises” as one of the solutions we utilize, this does not necessarily mean we are trying to strengthen your eye muscles specifically. These types of exercise for your eyes are meant to assist in improving your vision.

Our clients trust us with providing non-surgical treatment to improve their eyes and brain functionality. Vision therapy is utilized for a variety of common visual problems such as double vision, crossed eyes, lazy eye, learning and reading disabilities, convergence insufficiency, and more.

It is important to note that not all cases are the same. We understand the need for each case to be addressed on an individual basis. There are a variety of methods that a professional doctor can suggest to our clients, and we have created a general blueprint that we believe is successful in providing the best results for our clients.

We typically offer 45-minute sessions with about 5-10 additional minutes to discuss further instructions for parents. This program will be supervised by a doctor at all times to ensure proper measures are being taken.

We are located in Franklin, TN, and we recommend that you stop by any time during business hours. When you decide to schedule a visit, we will be able to show you more information and photos to walk through how the procedures work.