Welcome to The Center For Vision Development

The Center for Vision Development is a neuro-optometric practice in Middle Tennessee serving Franklin, Nashville and surrounding areas.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality vision care for children and adults in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

We provide vision therapy for functional visual problems in children and adults including: lazy eye, crossed eye, double vision, convergence insufficiency, learning related vision problems as well as compromised visual systems as a result of developmental delay or disability, traumatic brain injury, stroke or neurological disorders.

We are committed to leading individuals from surviving to thriving!

Vision requires much more than 20/20. There are 17 visual skills necessary for reading and learning.

Dr. Andrea Taddese is a developmental optometrist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental and functional vision problems in both children and adults.

Several patients have successfully completed our Vision Therapy Program. Watch their testimonial.

What People Say About vision therapy

  • Before vision therapy I was having problems with reading and comprehension. I also flipped my b and d. I would skip words and have to reread a lot. And the reason I did not like to read was because I got frustrated a lot. I would recommend it because now I can read without skipping over lines and it is not frustrated.
    — Allyssa (Age 10)
  • Prior to therapy, I would attend school everyday feeling significant pain due to headaches. I was taking ibuprofen daily, seeing doctors and struggling in school. My pain hindered my ability to achieve the academic potential I had at the start of my junior year. A few months have made all the difference, and now I’m wrapping up junior year headache free and 10 times happier.
    — Sidney W. (Age 16)
  • Before vision therapy I was having problems with copying notes and I got car sickness a lot. My memory has gotten a lot better. I can visualize a lot better than I used to. My eyes used to not be able to focus that well, but they can now. Vision therapy helped with seeing double, complete assignments on time, my work ethic, multitasking and my headaches.
    — Dally (Age 14)
  • Before vision therapy I was having problems with reading and I had skipped lines and words. Vision therapy helped me. They made me do all kinds of activities from sports to reading with flippers. It was a big help. Thanks vision therapy!
    — Hadassah B. (Age 8)

We are located in Franklin, TN and serve Franklin, Nashville and surrounding areas. 


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